Posted by CometKelli on 15 Sep 2021
FU, Microsoft. I knew you would eventually be doing something like this. Damn money-grubbers! Microsoft has $130 billion in cash and they still do this crap to their customers??
Posted by PersonalBanker6 on 15 Sep 2021
Just got it with the 1.1 GB solution on my Notebook, downloaded and executed installer and got that quest done. Thanks guys for your help!
Posted by Jak81 on 15 Sep 2021
How to only download the installer? I don't have the ~150GB space available and so can't start the installation from the XboxApp :(
Posted by PersonalBanker6 on 15 Sep 2021
I did it via MS Store on my Notebook. Don't have the space either. First I was trying to install it from XBox app on Win10, but result was an error message regarding the required space, so I searched it on MS Store and started the installation. As soon as the installer of the game starts, you'll get the same error message later on, but it will complete the quest first. Good look, hope it'll work for you too.
Posted by Wicelow on 15 Sep 2021
Starting to make X/S quests when they can't even provide enough hardwarefor all if us is a dick move...
Posted by SquiSquiSquidio on 15 Sep 2021
How much do you need to download on XSX to open it to get the points?
Posted by Jak81 on 15 Sep 2021
MS Store doesn't work for me either, it just wants 123GB instead of the 149GB, but I can't click install because I need to select a drive with enough space :(
Posted by planchetflaw on 15 Sep 2021
Thanks for the 1GB installer trick.
Posted by LilGurgi on 15 Sep 2021
Even with my old/outdated laptop, I was able to download the 1GB file and start the game. My laptop crashed (again, it's old), but I still got credit for the points and immediately uninstalled after rebooting my computer.
Posted by qManballin on 16 Sep 2021
On the Microsoft Store page for Microsoft Flight Simulator, click to the right of the "Install" button on the dots. Click "Install on my devices" and your computer should hopefully be one of the available choices. From there, it'll proceed to install just the "installer" at 1.12 GB. Click on "Play" and it'll load up the game somewhat and you may get the error message that the game is not fully installed. Too bad, quest completed, uninstalled, good riddance.

Have you got any tips or tricks for completing this Xbox Quest? Post a reply to help the community.

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