• NBA 2K20

    Earn 10 MyCAREER Total Assists

    5th May 2020 at 17:00 until 1st June 2020 at 17:00 UTC

    NBA 2K20
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  • NBA 2K20
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Posted by TrueAchievement on 05 May 2020
How did you complete the Nba 2K20 Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by ChickenPossible on 05 May 2020
I’ll be uploading video guides for this and the other weekly and monthly challenges today. Please check here for the guides:

Posted by Moscowvicent on 05 May 2020
How's this one work I don't play basketball?
Posted by vegansound on 05 May 2020
Can we get this quest without unlocking any achievement? I never launched the game, so maybe some easy ones can be done inbetween. Thanks.
Posted by xWSx Logan on 06 May 2020
Hey everyone,

Here is a guide for beginners to unlock the Monthly Xbox Game Pass Rewards Quest for NBA 2K20 where you have to "Earn 10 MyCAREER Total Assists." Depending on your familiarity with basketball, and sports games in general, this quest can be done from scratch in around 15 minutes. Those that are unfamiliar with basketball/sports games will probably take twice as much time or more (depending on how quickly you pick things up).

-You should not unlock any achievements using this guide
-Contrary to the achievement guide for getting 10 assists in MyCareer, you can unlock this quest in the prelude (and also not unlock the achievement)
NBA 2K20Doing The DishesThe Doing The Dishes achievement in NBA 2K20 worth 27 pointsGet 10 assists in a MyCAREER game

To begin, you have to create your own player. You begin by starting the MyPlayer Builder where you choose the stats that you want your player to have. You will find the MyPlayer Builder under the MyCareer tab on the main menu. So:

1) Choose Point Guard as your players position. The rest of the details (name, handed, jersey number) don't really matter.
2) On the next screen, you choose your skill breakdown. You want to select the pie chart with the largest yellow (Playmaking) portion (8 selections down from the top).
3) On the next screen, you choose your physical profile. This isn't nearly as important, but select the pie chart with the majority in agility (purple) and strength (blue). This was the third selection down from the top.
4) The next screen will allow you to set your potential. On this screen, it's most important to max out your pass accuracy, your ball handle, and your lateral quickness. The other stats you can fill in as you wish but the least important for this guide are: standing dunk, post hook, post fade, and post moves.
5) Once you finish editing your stats, you will want to lower your height all the way down (5'7"). This will increase your lateral quickness even more.
6) Lower your weight all the way down as well (increases quickness again).
7) Increase your wingspan to 75" to increase your steal ability (not super important but helps if you want to attempt steals to speed up the game).
8) Select the Playmaker takeover (helps your teammates shot percentage after you pass to them) and complete your build.
9) Start your MyCareer and do not skip the intro and go directly to the NBA (if it gives you the option). You want to do the tutorial game.
10) You'll immediately get thrown into your first game. Your goal is to get 10 assists, which means passing the ball to someone that immediately scores.
11) Get 10 assists and the quest will unlock. Be sure to check your progress in the game pass app if you hit 10 assists and the quest doesn't pop up for you. I'll post general tips below.
12) If you're unable to get your 10 assists in the first game, you can leave MyCareer mode, use the Player Builder "slashing playmaker" template that you created before, and start a new career to play the first game over again. The quest is cumulative so you don't have to get it in one game.

I made a video showing how I made this build (all settings/setup) as well as the initial game and how I got 10 assists. You can find that video here: https://youtu.be/fCJ138yMBTM

-A is to pass when you have the ball. Point the left stick in the direction of the player that you want to pass to.
-When your team is on offense and you don't have the ball, press A to "Call for ball" which will get your teammates to pass the ball to you. Sometimes they will refuse but keep moving around to get open (not surrounded by other team) and keep mashing A. You might notice your teammate score in the top right go down if you keep doing this, but that's not important for this quest.
-RT is sprint on offense or defense.
-LT slows you down and puts you in a more controlled stance.
-When on defense, you can let your player score every time if you want to speed things up or you can play legitimately. Hold LT and try to stay near your opposing player (will have an arrow pointing towards the person you're supposed to guard). You can try to steal by pressing X, but you might commit a foul and waste time.
-To have a higher chance of getting assists, you want to take the ball close to the basket by sprinting (RT) by your opponent and towards the basket. This will cause other opposing players to come towards you to prevent you from scoring. This should open up some of your teammates. Press A to pass to them when they're open or when you're guarded.
-In general, only post players will shoot if someone is guarding them closely. You might be able to get a teammate to shoot a 3 if they're pretty open and you pass them the ball, but this is a lower percentage shot and it's better to keep things in the post (near the basket).
-If nobody is open, run the ball back to the top of the key (away from the basket) and then run back inside. Keep doing this until a post player is open.
-If you pass the ball and your teammate starts dribbling a bunch, call for the ball back with A because even if they score, you likely won't get an assist.
-Once your team makes substitutions, your teammates that come in are pretty bad. Don't be surprised if they miss a bunch of shots even if they're open. After a couple of minutes, they'll get subbed out and you'll get your better teammates back in to pass to.
-If the Takeover bar in the top right turns red and tells you to press in on the RS, do it. It will help you with enhancing your teammates' shots off of your assists. You can lose the takeover progress if you turn the ball over.

Other tips from users on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/MicrosoftRewards/comments/geccpy/nb...):
-From u/PCMasterCucks: Pressing RB will give you multiple passing options based on the button. It can make passing a little easier because you wouldn't have to "choose" with LS but rather just press X/B/Y/etc. IDK how long the options stay open, but it will last long enough to make a move and pass. A play I did a lot was drive to the net to get another dman to push me, then dish it to the open guy depending on who came off.
-From u/the1thepwnly: There is a game pass perk for 50,000 vc which is the currency for upgrading your player.
One other thing that will help get assists, if you wait till the shit clock gets for to about 3 seconds and then pass the company will immediately shoot, giving you a better chance for an assist.
-From u/rangitamoe: One thing to note is that the MyNation games, which are only accessible through the MyCareer menus, do not count towards the quest. I had a double double in a MyNation game and it didn't register anything. I play this game anyway so won't have any issue meeting the requirements.
-From u/CBfromda253: Also holding Y creates a cutter(layup shoot) and releasing it passes the ball. Good easy way to get people moving to the hoop for assists. Just release when they become slightly open.
-From u/lordbaltimort1: LB lets you call for a pick.I struggled getting assists until I started doing the pick and roll.Just go around the pick and the pass to your teammate who should run towards the basket.

Also, if you're having trouble unlocking this quest (ie you've gotten 10 assists but you're still not getting credit for the 10), the general consensus seems to be that you just need to keep getting more. This is pretty unfortunate but I would try to start the MyCareer mode over again (you can use your existing MyPlayer template and just apply it to a new save essentially) and continue working towards getting assists.

Hope this guide helps a little bit for those that have never played before! Also sorry for the wall of text.
Posted by ChickenPossible on 06 May 2020
Here's my full video guide for this.

I did end up getting 2 achievements during the course of it. One for outscoring another team during a quarter and one for getting 5 assists in a single game. You might be able to avoid those two if you keep your play under a certain level.

Video link:
Posted by lostatcore on 06 May 2020
I followed the guide above and it worked a treat... until I got to 9 assists and then it just seemed to stop counting. I haven't made any progressions despite getting a further 20+ assists since...
Posted by eeeziebeee on 06 May 2020
I had the same problem...it started counting to 7 assist then suddenly stopped adding.
I then restarted my career with a new character, played the intro match again and it started adding the assists again..
Hope this helps.
Posted by WebChimp UK on 06 May 2020
Thanks for the tip on restarting. I managed 9 assists in the tutorial game, none from that point forward seemed to count. A restart one one more assist unlocked the quest straight away.
Posted by Tim pugh on 06 May 2020
I got 17 assists and none registerd at all

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