Posted by prakkero on 14 Sep 2021
Got this by following the guide for 10 kills, so after starting the match I just waited until I was force ejected out of the plane, and once I landed there were 2 idle players that I just punched to death.

The achievement guide says to do it on the Miramar map, but there wasn't the option to choose it (or at least I didn't see it), so I played on a random map and dunno if it was Miramar or what since I didn't see the name anywhere...
Posted by ThrilingHeroics on 15 Sep 2021
Play a round of team deathmatch and get 1 kill. Easy and quick.
Posted by Darth Pinhead on 15 Sep 2021
This game should be called, Puberty Quest: Balls to the Ground. This game is dominated by kids, and until their balls drop (and they get some hair down there)... this is what they play! I won't touch THIS game!!
Posted by IceeLady on 15 Sep 2021
I even tried to bribe my daughter lol she said it was the absolute worst game she’d ever played lol after attempting 4 times, it’s voted off the island
Posted by Ombresoir on 15 Sep 2021
Can confirm, Team Deathmatch works. I got the achievement for killing someone, which also worked for the other quest.
Posted by P1NKAC1D on 15 Sep 2021
Posted by Calex dEUS on 14 Sep 2021
This will get you an achievement.
Very good, because that's what I need for some other quests
Posted by PersonalBanker6 on 15 Sep 2021
Got the Microsoft flight sim by just downloading and installing the 1gb installer. As for Pubg trying to get a weapon before someone kills me is tough work so going to pass on this as be able to complete the monthly without it :)
I totally agree with that.
Posted by Wicelow on 15 Sep 2021
Gonna pass as everyone else.
Posted by Ultramarine360 on 15 Sep 2021
As far a battle royales go, this starts rough having to find ammo. Got my kill, uninstalled
Posted by WeaselTurbine on 15 Sep 2021
Tried Deathmatch. Kept getting matched with high level players (I remember getting killed repeatedly by someone that was level 74) before I could even see them. Tried the normal mode and waited until ejected from the plane. First time didn't work. Nobody near me. Second time there was another guy near me and punched him to death. Got the achievement for the kill and another for first kill of the match. Game closed (was on the cloud) and hopefully I never go back.

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