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Posted by TrueAchievement on 24 Mar 2020
How did you complete the Sea Of Thieves Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by FallenOyster473 on 24 Mar 2020
Does anybody know what you actually do to “join the party”? Do you just start a play session, or do something more specific?
Posted by FallenOyster473 on 24 Mar 2020
Sorry, the quest is “time to party”. But I’m still not sure what you do to complete it.
Posted by OMAAAD on 24 Mar 2020
to complete this, all you have to do is load the game up. i did this and it cleared. but i think there is something wrong with he tracking again. as my brother did the same thing and it did not clear. i would just try later or tomorrow, as loading the game up worked for me.
Posted by rTeuty on 24 Mar 2020
Got this one by going all the way through to where they put you on the island and waiting a couple minutes. Just DO NOT do anything else if you are worried about getting any achievements. Like others have been saying lately though, there have been problems with quests and achievements working properly lately so it may not even work sometimes.
Posted by Jak81 on 24 Mar 2020
I even did a mission and dug out 2 treasures... got two achievements, but this quest is still incomplete -.-
Posted by Gongmaster9923 on 24 Mar 2020
I played for like 5 hours today and never got it
Posted by PsykotikDeadman on 24 Mar 2020
They really need to address this issue. I got the “time to party”, but not “play a game pass game” or “get an achievement in a GP game”... le sigh...
Posted by DAVIIKUS on 24 Mar 2020
I have the same problem, it is pathetic that they do not specify the task that you have to do, by the way, someone knows how to do two sessions in descenders since it does not count on the scoreboard either.
Posted by Koding on 25 Mar 2020
I just did it. I started the game, it was still on the splash screen, and the quest completed.

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