Posted by TrueAchievement on 03 Aug 2021
How did you complete the Slay The Spire Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by Kingillings on 03 Aug 2021
This one might be lagging for pops as well. I killed 23 enemies over 3 runs and nothing yet.
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Posted by darkrealmslord on 03 Aug 2021
Yet another broken quest! Not even counting your kills!
Posted by FreedSquare4945 on 03 Aug 2021
Didn't this game leave GP recently? Well, presumably not... this seems to be working okay for me anyway; just played 1 full round which popped 'The Ghost' achievement when I killed the boss. I guess you could avoid that by quitting at the appropriate point if you prefer. My quest progress is now showing 75% complete. I'll come back to finish it off another day.
Posted by V3ntilator on 03 Aug 2021
According to RewardsHunter, it takes around 20 minutes to get 21 kills.
Posted by Master Pantz on 04 Aug 2021
Anyone complete it yet?
Posted by BrassyLobster on 04 Aug 2021
The quest completed for me without issues. First run through I died but all kills counted. 2nd run completed after a couple of battles.
Posted by prakkero on 04 Aug 2021
Tracker seems to be way off/lagging, but it did finally unlock during my 4th run.
Posted by CHIEFHUSKER1 on 04 Aug 2021
Honestly how are these games enjoyable? Turn based combat is boring as well. Another slow sluggish fighting game. Meh

Have you got any tips or tricks for completing this Xbox Quest? Post a reply to help the community.

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