Posted by TrueAchievement on 07 Dec 2021
How did you complete the The Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by whitebuffalo5 on 07 Dec 2021
Anyone able to complete this with the cloud version? My time was not tracking
Posted by whitebuffalo5 on 07 Dec 2021
So I logged in on my phone and was not getting progress. I logged in to cloud version on console and the quest popped immediately. It may have counted time played from past quests, not sure. But can confirm cloud on console works.
Posted by prakkero on 07 Dec 2021
I had this already installed on my xbox, but it needed a 80+ gb update, sigh. Also didn't see any option to play it on the cloud there. Tried through the cloud on my pc, but it didn't seem to be tracking. Eventually I just let the update download on the xbox, starting the game every now and then (it told me it was ready to start almost right away), but it kept crashing until the download was about 30% done, after that the quest popped on the loading screen after character selection.
Posted by Ix x LEMON x xI on 07 Dec 2021
For Cloud play,
click on the Quest,
click on Game Card,
choices are at the bottom,
left to right,
Install, Play, etc etc etc.
Posted by xJamon on 08 Dec 2021
Played for about 1h on xcloud pc, nothing. Then more 45min on my phone, still nothing. 107gb for 75 points.... not sure
Posted by AlertCat Weasel on 08 Dec 2021

I've created a guide for all the monthly quests in this video.
Posted by Igor Bkzuki on 09 Dec 2021
Did anyone get it through the cloud? Mobile or browser?
Posted by Igor Bkzuki on 09 Dec 2021
I just tested it here via the cloud, in case I play through the browser, the Gamepass app wasn't counting, but I went to the site and played a little bit and the notification appeared in the app.
Posted by ImTheMetalLord on 09 Dec 2021
I played on cloud on console and still had to log into it a second time till it registered my time from the 1st. Similar to those that clouded to mobile and clouded on console. This one is funky.

Have you got any tips or tricks for completing this Xbox Quest? Post a reply to help the community.

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