Posted by TrueAchievement on 24 Nov 2020
How did you complete the Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales Quest? Any tips or tricks? Let us know below.
Posted by Bluelark on 24 Nov 2020
I started a new game at the lowest level. I followed along the story, collecting any supplies along the way that I saw. After your first battle when you are instructed to setup camp, you are walked through recruiting your first unit, a Wagenburg. After you recruit that first unit and add it to your deck, you should have enought resources to recruit another Wagenburg. That satisfied the requirements for this task for me.
Posted by JKSullivan on 24 Nov 2020
Seems simple enough, but did that unlock any achievements along the way?
Posted by Bluelark on 24 Nov 2020
It did not. The first achievement is for completing the tutorial, which you're not done with by the time you get here.
Posted by ChickenPossible on 24 Nov 2020
Our new quest guide video for Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is available here:
Posted by JKSullivan on 24 Nov 2020
Awesome, thx for the written guide!
Posted by TymanTheLong on 24 Nov 2020
Thronebreaker does have some very missable achievements and it’s a pain in the arse to rush the game a second time to get them (so use the guide), but it’s actually pretty damned fun. Despite its name the game is not as refined as online competitive GWENT (so I hear), but it’s pretty fun, and if you hate doing the battles you can even skip them and still complete the game and get the achievements (you will have to do enough battles to get the battle related achievements but most can be done in an ideal scenario).
Posted by CHIEFHSKER on 25 Nov 2020
Man I wish you were given quests based off your gaming habits. These games are boring as hell and don’t understand how someone could think this is fun. We get either stuck with garbage games like this, wasteland, or any other Pokémon style turn by turn battle games. They bore the hell outta me. Why can’t these be the games that just once you load them they complete.
Posted by Sarkastik Demon on 25 Nov 2020
The quests are to promote people trying new games. Not everyone is going to like them all, but there are a few games I've tried out from gamepass quests that I really enjoyed.
Posted by Excalibur0126 on 25 Nov 2020
I agree. When New Super Lucky's Tale was a quest, I rather enjoyed the gameplay and played it to "completion".

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